project im4u 

cover and paint and paint doodle and doodle and doodle #moodsinging  well its very nice to have this experience though quite tired but at least were all having fun and were do it with all our heart into it. ​ were do this until finish is 1 weeks it happen on  mid sem holiday. ​ … More project im4u 

carolling at our house

even though were so busy. but still we want to feel like were at home even without family to carol,jamming and singing together.we manage to bring them all to be together with us.  ​ ​ here our second day of carroling due to busy with project of im4u were happy to do so. ​ ​

hello guys!

Well  seriously this is my first time writing something like this i mean sharing my  routine, luckily there is lots of story untold because due to busy hectic days hmmmmm, first story that i want to share is our TRIP KEMBARA CITRA TIMUR which is the trip about exploring and do project that should be … More hello guys!